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    What is the general knowledge about the selection of SMD Aluminum electrolytic capacitor?


           SMD aluminum Electrolytic capacitorThe capacitor is made of an aluminum cylinder as the negative pole, which is filled with liquid electrolyte and inserted with a curved aluminum strip as the positive pole. It is called Aluminum electrolytic capacitor. It is a universal Electrolytic capacitor made of aluminum material with good electrical performance, wide application range and high reliability.

    The actual voltage that a capacitor must withstand in a circuit cannot exceed its withstand voltage value. In the filtering circuit, the withstand voltage value of the capacitor should not be less than 1.42 times the AC effective value. When using Electrolytic capacitor, pay attention not to connect the positive and negative poles reversely.

    Different types of capacitors should be selected for different circuits. Mica and high-frequency Ceramic capacitor can be selected for wiping circuit, paper dielectric, polyester, mica, electrolytic, ceramic and other capacitors can be selected for DC isolation, Electrolytic capacitor can be selected for filtering, polyester, paper dielectric, ceramic, electrolytic and other capacitors can be selected for bypass.

    Before installing a capacitor into a circuit, it should be checked for any short circuits, open circuits, or leakage, and its capacitance value should be checked. When installing, make it easy to see symbols such as the type, capacity, and withstand voltage of the capacitor for verification.

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