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    Please note the following points when using electrolytic capacitors:

    Electrolytic capacitors can experience performance degradation under the following conditions.

    * Reverse voltage

    * Voltage exceeding rated voltage

    * Current greater than allowable ripple current

    * Severe charging and discharging

    This can cause excessive heating or gas generation, which can lead to electrolyte leakage from the capacitor pressure buildup and then the action of the safety device (anti-explosion hole).

    In severe cases, it can cause an explosion or ignition, damaging the capacitor and releasing the outside of the flammable material.

    一.Circuit Design Considerations

    (1)Operating environment

    *Please confirm the operating and assembly environments. Please use the capacitor only under the provisions specified and within the specifications listed in the capacitor catalog and datasheet.

    (2)Operating temperature, ripple current and lifespan

    *Please refer to the provisions specified and within the specifications listed in the capacitor catalog and datasheet for the operating temperature and allowable ripple current. Please use the capacitor within the rated performance range.

    ①Don’t use the capacitor at high temperatures exceeding the operating temperature limit.

    ②Don't exceed the current limit by going beyond the permissible ripple current.

    Select a capacitor suitable for the intended lifespan and reliability of the machine when designing circuits.

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